UICONSULT Partners with Eden Global Computer College To Offer Tuition Free Professional Diploma In ICT

UICONSULT Partners with Eden Global Computer College To Offer Tuition Free Professional Diploma In ICT

The University of Ibadan Consultancy Services Unit (UICONSULT) has entered into a strategic partnership with Eden Global Computer College (EGCC) to offer a 6 Months TUITION FREE PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA in INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY effective, June 23, 2018.

This programme is designed as a first of its kind for young secondary school leavers , young graduates, workers ,civil servants and interested members of the public to acquire cutting edge professional knowledge ,skills and abilities in information technology and entrepreneurship management for career and professional development and advancement.

The primary mandate of the programme is to prepare the teeming army of youths and suitably qualified members of the public to adequately handle the job distruptions of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Interested individuals who would like to enroll for any of the selected courses can apply for the 80% tuition scholarship or visit our office to collect the application form.

The Office Address is : 2/5 Lanre Ibitoye Road (Former LASU AGEGE CAMPUS, PROGRESS SCHOOL PREMISES), Off Charity Road, New Oko-Oba, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

Telephone numbers are 08023180793, 08141956725 and 08027587535.

Successful candidates would be given the opportunity to study the courses of their choice without paying the regular course fees of N125,000.00 but at a greatly reduced 80% discounted price of N27,500.00 only to cover only application and acceptance fees only.

The vision of the college is to make knowledge available to everyone, regardless of their geographical location and financial capacity.

This annual Scholarship Scheme is intended to be used to give back to society and make it possible for individuals that were unable to enroll during the year to have a chance to do so.

The institution also decided to include courses which provide skills that could help our students become successful entrepreneurs and increase their chances of getting better jobs or promotion at their places of work. This will reduce unemployment and boost the economy of the nation.

The courses selected for the 2017/18 edition of scholarship could be taken online or offline (study materials can be downloaded or sent via post to student on request for online study mode only).

The course study materials are free (soft copies only).

Interested individuals who would like to enroll for the course can apply online for the scholarship or by sending an e-mail to:

admissions@universityofibadanconsult.ng or scholarships@universityofibadanconsult.ng


The core programme is “INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT). However, there are six areas of specialisations as follows:


  • Practical Spreadsheets
  • Practical Database
  • Practical Word Processing
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Practical Desktop Publishing & Presentation
  • Introduction to Programming

Please note that you can only choose one option and your professional qualifying project and internship shall be in the area of your specialization:


  • Creative thinking
  • Idea generation
  • Digital skills development.
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Product Development.
  • Skills acquisition.
  • Promotion in
  • place of work.


The optional courses shall be delivered by open and distance learning mode while the compulsory subjects shall be delivered by Classroom or Distance Learning subject to candidates location.

Students shall enroll for 6 compulsory subjects and minimum of 6 elective courses out of the following:

1.Compulsory Subjects:

  1. Practical Spreadsheets
  2. Practical Database
  3. Practical Word Processing
  4. Introduction to Information Technology
  5. Practical Desktop Publishing & Presentation
  6. Introduction to Programming.

2.Elective Subjects :

  1. Use of English
  2. Introduction to communication
  3. Introduction to Data Processing
  4. Computer Appreciation
  5. Business Communication 1
  6. Accounting Communication 1
  7. Accounting Method 1
  8. Business Economics
  9. Quantitative Methods 1
  10. Entrepreneurship Management
  11. Graphics
  12. Computer Appreciation
  13. Computer Engineering
  14. Sound Engineering

3. Book Reviews, Internship, Business and Strategic Plan Case Studies

To deliver on the core mandate of the programme, majorly preparing our youths for the job distruptions of the 4th Industrial revolution at almost free cost, each student to qualify for certification will participate successfully in the following activities :

  • Review of six to seven selected books.
  • Study of six management case studies.
  • Six month internship in their current place of work or relevant organizations.
  • A business and strategic plan to position the student for destiny success.


  • Compulsory subjects shall be delivered by classroom or distance learning subject to candidates location.
  • All optional courses shall be delivered through distance learning mode.
  • 6 Months Internship ,Book review, strategic/business plan and Project writing to run concurrently with the lecture.
  • Online delivery and supervision in the six months internship and Project period.


If you are interested in taking the courses, follow the enrollment steps detailed below:

  1. Pay a non-refundable application fee of n12500.00 to eden global computer college uba account number 1020218794 or sterling bank plc account number 0031937552
  2. Pay acceptance fee of N15,000.00 into uiconsult fbn account no :2005514755,and pick an application form,fill and submit at the study centre,in oko-oba .
  3. You can send your payment details by whatsapp to 08141956725 or send an e-mail to : admissions@universityofibadanconsult.ng to receive your application package.
  4. You can download the application by visiting www.universityofibadanconsult.ng
  5. like the pages of all partnering organisations below,share and invite friends to do same:
    • University of ibadan consultancy services unit.
    • Eden global business and entrepreneurship college.
    • Eden global computer college
  6. Receive admissions letter and scholarship confirmation through sms/whatsapp and email
  7. Send payment details and and desired option/specialisation to us through email, whatsapp and sms.
  8. Start attending lectures(classroom mode) or study course content and resources (online mode)until completion.
  9. Please note: we only provide classroom training in our training and conference centres at oko-oba, lagos state,presently and this is strictly on first come,first serve basis.
  10. Submit all self help assignment, tutorials and case studies.
  11. Register and sit for relevant examination.
  12. Request for certificate (optional) in writing and pay certification fees.


CERTIFICATION: We decided to make this optional because of the significant cost attached. Certification becomes necessary for boosting your Curriculum Vitae and increasing your chances of getting employed or promoted at work or ministry

We have three types of certification namely:

  • Diploma in Information and Communication Technology /Computer Science
  • Certificate of course completion would be issued by University of Ibadan Consultancy Services Unit and Eden Global Computer college for a token.
  • Certificate of Proficiency (Requires certification exam).
  • This shall be issued by Eden Global Computer College and requires examination, completion of all book reviews, case study, business plan and internship.
  • Professional Certification: This requires registration with the relevant professional body as a student and also registration for the examinations and payment of certification fees. This shall be issued by Eden Global Computer College and IDPM, Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria or other relevant bodies.
  • All students must answer and submit all self-help questions and tutorials as the need may be.
  • If there are case studies in the course of the program, all associated questions must be answered and submitted before the candidate would be eligible for certification.
  • All candidates must complete the mandatory 6-Months internship as well as the Professional Qualifying Project (except when waived) to be eligible for certification at the end of the Programme.
  • There shall be payment of a token of N5000.00 only for Internship (N2500.00) and Project Supervision (N2500.00).
  • Candidates who are not interested in collecting a certificate may not participate in the internship and qualifying project.

Certificates can be collected at our administrative office but if the student cannot come to our office, we can post it to the student. The student will bear the postage costs.


There are different types of study resource;

The study resources could be accessed through one of the following:

  • The important ones would be sent by e-mail once we receive the payment notification for the registration and examination fees.
  • The default ones can be downloaded directly from our portal or other sources
  • We will also provide download links for other software and resources you may need for study.
  • Alternatively, students that cannot download the study materials or purchase tools by themselves can request that we do so and send the tools and software to them.

(In such cases, we will notify the students of the costs and when the students pay, we will send the materials to them).

  • Some study materials would be posted on our social media fan page.
  • There are compulsory books and study text which must be purchased by the students on their own to maximize the impact of this programme.You shall be supplied with details of these texts once you are enrolled and receive your admissions letter.


It is important to note that the programme fee for this programme is =N=125,000.00 only and we are giving a 80% programme scholarship bringing the total course fee to =N=25,000.00 only.

We therefore belief you will avail yourself of this opportunity as time is of essence.

  • The scholarship application deadline for every quarter is 21st day of the last month of a quarter. However, the deadline for June/July programme is 21st June,
  • This scholarship is only available to Nigerians living in Nigeria.
  • This scholarship is only available to individuals between the ages of 15 years and 55 years
  • Due to the limited scholarship opportunities available, applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis
  • Applicants that do not like our partnership and sponsoring pages and invite others to do same will not be considered. Connecting to us on social media is compulsory because this scholarship is only for our social media fans.
  • Due to the limited class size per course, we will review applications and decide whether or not an applicant can enroll for a course. This is relevant to those who want to follow the classroom option
  • If the scholarship application is favorably considered, the applicant will be notified and will be required to respond by paying the registration and application fees within 14 days else the opportunity will be given to the next applicant.



  • Account number : 2005514755


Account number : 0031937552

Account number : 1020218794


Admin Office:

1.Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College,

2/5 Akinsegun Street,Off Charity Road,Oko-Oba,

Abule Egba ,Lagos.

Training Centres:

1. Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College,
2/5 Akinsegun Street,Off Charity Road,Oko-Oba,
Abule Egba ,Lagos.

2. Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College,
24/26 Power Avenue,Off Community Road,
Agbado Crossing.

Phone: 08023180793;08027587535,
Whatsapp and SMS Only: 08141956725
Email: admin@universityofibadanconsult.ng
Website: www.universityofibadanconsult.ng

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