NYSC Commences Registration for 2018 Batch C PCMs on Oct 6

NYSC 2018 Batch C

The registration for mobilization of 2018 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Batch C Prospective Corps Members is billed to commence on October 6th, 2018.

Guidelines/Tips for NYSC 2018 Batch C Online Registration as published by NYSC is as follows:

  1. NYSC Online Registration Portal address www.nysc.org.ng
  2. If you are registering for the first time, click on " Registration for Mobilization 2018 Batch C".
  3. If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration or Submit, do not create a new account instead click on "Login Here" to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password.
  4. The Revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2018 Batch "B" and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp.
  5. Apply for correction of spelling mistakes, rearrangement, addition/removal of name on your dashboard.

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Prospective NYSC 2018 BATCH "C" Member should note the following

  • Do not thumb print by proxy. (Nobody should thumbprint for you; thumbprint should be done by you).
  • Make sure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear, also do not upload another person's passport on your dashboard.
  • Do not forget the Username and Password used during your online registration
  • Cross- check your records before submission to avoid wrong details.
  • Stay connected with us on our Social Media Platforms for updates and vital information.


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