About National Universities Commission (NUC)

About National Universities Commission (NUC)

The National Universities Commission (NUC) is a government parastatal that promote quality higher education in Nigeria. It is the major accreditation and regulatory body that enforces uniform standard and sets admissions capacity of every university in Nigeria.

Located in the capital city of Abuja, the Commission was established in 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet Office. In 1974, it became a statutory body and its first Executive Secretary was Professor Jibril Aminu.

The NUC forms part of the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

About National Universities Commission NUC

What are the Functions of NUC?

  • Granting approval for all academic programmes run in Nigerian universities;
  • Granting approval for the establishment of all higher educational institutions offering degree programmes in Nigerian universities;
  • Ensure quality assurance of all academic programmes offered in Nigerian universities; and
  • Channel for all external support to the Nigerian universities.

What is the official website of NUC?

The Official website of the National Universities Commission (NUC) is www.nuc.edu.ng

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