NYSC State allowances in Nigeria 2018

NYSC State allowances in Nigeria 2018

Corps Members are now very curious to know the State allowances in Nigeria 2018, majorly because of the current economic situation of the country, corps members are not looking out for ways to fetch more income for themselves.

Officially NYSC has the capital responsibility of paying every corps member the token of N19800 monthly from the federal treasury. However some States has also shown their interest in augmenting the federal token so that the corps members can have a reasonable and sustainable income.

NYSC State allowances in Nigeria 2018

Corps Members State allowances in Nigeria 2018

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However, these state allowances vary from state to state depending on the states' financial projection, states' budget and National Gross Domestic Profit of States in Nigeria. Some states like Lagos, Abuja, Jigawa, Akwa Ibom, Enugu etc. pays a good amount around N10,000. some states pay less than that depending on which state.

Some states only pays those corps members working in Federal or State government Parastatals, for example Osun State pays only those working in Local Government Secreteriat, Osun State Secreteriat, and other Government parastatals. These states however do not pay Corps members who are teaching in wether Private or Government Schools.

So, it generally depends on the states financial policies and projection for that purpose.

See the full list of the NYSC state allowances in Nigeria 2018:

Corps Members State allowances in Nigeria 2018

  • Akwa Ibom State Pays N5,000
  • Lagos state Pays N15,000 and some times N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those in LGA.
  • Sokoto State pays N4,000 and N9,000 to those in state hospital.
  • Enugu State Pays N0
  • Oyo State Pays N3,800
  • Osun State Pays N5,000
  • Kano State Pays N4,000
  • Borno State Pays N1,000
  • Niger State Pays N6,000
  • Yobe State Pays N2,500
  • Bayelsa Pays N15,000 -18,000 (Medical Graduates receives N37,000)
  • Ekiti state Pays N5,000
  • Ogun State Pays N5,000
  • Delta States Pays N5,000
  • Bauchi State Pays N1,250
  • Cross River State Pays N3,090
  • Zamfara State Pays N3,000
  • Abia State Pays N5,000
  • Imo State Pays N2,000
  • Taraba state Pays N10,000
  • Kaduna State Pays 3000
  • Jigawa State Pays 10,000


  • Nassarawa State Pays 3,000
  • Port Harcourt, Rivers State Has not yet paid corpers for the past 5 years, so i think you better avoid this state, but we’re so sure, that the new government, lead by Governor Wike will surely get things right in this state, and make it once again, the envy of all Corpers.

NOTE: Medical and Health practicing corps members gets more than the normal allowance, Osun State, Osogbo LGA pays Doctors approx. N95,000  Pharmacists gets N60,000 Nurses gets around N40,000 to N50,000. These figures are closely approximated range not their actual figure.

Also Note: By experience, Most corps members complained seriously of being owed by state. Especially these medical practitioners and doctors. Their Parastatals often pay them incomplete or owe them a huge amount of months which they never get to pay until their service year is over. So dont always rely solely on State Alawii.

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