Items Every PCM Must Carry to NYSC Orientation Camp 2018

Full Requirement For NYSC Orientation Camp Exercise 2018

For a Prospective Corps Member (PCM) to enjoy National Youth Service Corps - NYSC orientation camp exercise, there are vital items to carry to orientation camp.

Carrying the right things for the camping exercise can ease the stress often experience in the long processes involved in NYSC orientation registration.

At each stage different set of things are required. NYSC Orientation Camp Exercise Full Requirements 2018

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NYSC Orientation Camp Exercise Full Requirements 2018

There are 4 major requirements:

  1. Up to date documents
  2. Camp Kits and Items
  3. Personal Items
  4. Miscellaneous

Items Every PCM Must Carry to NYSC Orientation Camp 2018



These are the necessary documents containing your credentials and registration detail, with which you verify your authenticity as a corp member.

  • Student's ID card. The original copy as well as Photocopy
  • Certificate /Statement of Result from your School (Original and 6 Photocopies) in addition if you are a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or an Optometrist you will be expected to bring along original of your registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of house-man-ship or internship.
  • NYSC Call-up letter (Original and 4 photocopies)
  • Recent Passport Photograph – WHITE BACKGROUND (8 copies)
  • Compulsory medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing health status.

The above listed documents and items will get you through your registration at the orientation camp, up to the point of collection of mattress and your NYSC KIT. The NYSC kit consists of: 2 round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts, 2 pair of white shorts, One NYSC crested vest, a pair of NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers), a crested NYSC cap, a pair of Jungle boots, a pair of NYSC white tennis shoes. See more detail below


In NYSC camp, you are required to live the life of a military soldier. You are seen as a young military and so the officers you see in the camp are not going to treat you like an ordinary civilian. You are expected to sleep at a particular time, wake up at a particular time, move around at a particular time etc. Ever activity in camp has its time, there is time to eat also. As a military man, you must strictly adhere to these harsh rules for 21 days or so.

Few things you might need in order not to trespass and fall into soldiers punishment.




Round-necked white t-shirts and white shorts

You must have been told, This is an essential outfit worn everyday in camp throughout your 3 weeks. Yes, you are not to wear any other outfits outside your hostel or you face the consequences. Some camps allow casual dresses on Sundays from morning till 12 noon, while other camps wears white to church on Sundays. This can be funny but you'll get use to it.

NYSC would give 2 pairs of shirts and shorts, you may need extra 4 pairs so as not to be stranded because you wouldn’t be able to wash daily. Daily activities are exhausting and tiresome. Some folks can only wash once weekly while some pay Laundry services (a.k.a dry cleaners) If you have strength, you can still wash daily or in 2 days.

Plain white tennis shoes/white socks

It’s advisable you get one pair of rubber to save yourself from stress alongside leather tennis shoes.

You must on no account leave your hostel without putting on these complete Kits, dont wear slippers outside your hostel, even while going to ease your self, or going to buy food. Some Soldiers are just so hungry to see you do frog jump.

Waist Pouch

Very essential, it serves as your bank and locker for important items. Things like phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards, its easier to carry it along during your Military drill and parade. There is a high possibility of theft in camp, so everyone should safe guard all his or her vital possessions.



Essential for those who would not like camp food with cup, plate, water bottle(useful on parade ground or long hours lectures). Trust me, camp is not cooking to satisfy your appetite nor your hunger. You have to be strong to eat camp food. You need some fast food items that easy prepare like Pap, Custard, Tea.

NOTE: You will not be allowed into camp with stove (any sort), pressing Iron, water heater etc. Sometimes you have to prepare your tea with cold water.

You may also arm your self with sufficient cash buy food for your self at camp mami market.




antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, this is essential to keep you from infections and skin reactions. Most people don't share toilet and they may develop serious health issues. Apparently not every camp has a special toilet for such people. Every body uses the same series of toilet and bathrooms apportioned to their hostels. So get these things to keep you from being infected or infecting other people. Also maintain a good and flawless hygiene in these facilities

Mosquito Net

Take along with a rope to tie it to your bunk to avoid malaria. Mosquitoes breed rapidly in NYSC Orientation Camps, Due to bush, damp and grassy areas which are left for a very long time before coming batches. Most Camp take preventive measures in their hostels to curtail these malaria effect, some hostels has net in its windows some dont.


At least 25,000 with your ATM card ,there are lots of things that take up money in camp like food, charging of phones, e.t.c

Virtually everything you'll want to do in camp has a price tag attached to it. You may like to hold some amount of money so that you wont beg too much.

NOTE also that not every NYSC orientation camp has the privilege of installing ATM machine for money withdrawal.

Torchlight or rechargeable lamp

In preparation for morning drills at 5am and at night after lights out.

From 4am you'll hear the first wake-up alarm by the military men. You'll need a lantern to prepare yourself, especially if your camp has no power supply, most camp has an electric power generator that covers for these hours of the day.


Please lock your boxes and bags to avoid regrets. People who lost things to thieves due to carelessness. Every camp period witness this act of theft and misplacing of items. So be careful with all your items.



Bed sheets, Pillow Cases,Pillow, Power bank, pain relief drugs, antibiotics etc depending on your personal body and psychological condition.

Buckets, Plates and other stuff can be bought in camp, you may not worry about carrying heavy load. But also know that things sold in camp are relatively more expensive than normal.

NYSC orientation camp exercise can be stressful but it's certainly full of fun, happy and enjoyable moments.

You can add your own comments here and ask questions as well. Thank you

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